Tax Rates and Basis

The Company Car Tax is determined based on the engine volume and purpose of the vehicle. If the vehicle was registered for the first time after January 1, 2005, the tax rates are as follows:

  • Up to 2000 cm3: €31 per month
  • 2001 cm3 to 2500 cm3: €49 per month
  • 2501 cm3 to 3000 cm3: €66 per month
  • Over 3000 cm3: €82 per month

🚙 Applicable Vehicle Categories

The tax applies to vehicles used for:

  1. Passenger Transportation: Cars with a capacity not exceeding eight seats (excluding the driver’s seat), registered as light passenger cars or cars for personal use.
  2. Freight Cars: Lorries with a full mass not exceeding 3000 kilograms, registered as lorries and having more than three seats (including the driver’s seat).

📅 Taxation Period and Rates for Older Vehicles

The Company Car Tax is paid annually for one calendar year. For vehicles registered for the first time until January 1, 2005, the monthly rate is €49. However, for electric vehicles drawing energy solely from stored power, the monthly rate is reduced to €10.

📜 Legal Framework

Navigate the regulatory landscape effortlessly with BL Gramatvediba. The tax falls under the Law on the Vehicle Operation Tax and Company Car Tax, ensuring compliance with the specific regulatory enactments.

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  3. Compliance Assurance: Stay in compliance with the Law on the Vehicle Operation Tax and Company Car Tax, thanks to our meticulous attention to legal details.
  4. Customized Solutions: Our experts tailor solutions to your unique business needs, ensuring your tax strategy aligns with your operational objectives.

⚖️ Conclusion: Elevate Your Company Car Tax Strategy with BL Gramatvediba

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