Understanding that changing accountants can be a daunting step, the team at BL Grāmatvedība is committed to making this process simple and worry-free.

We offer several advantages:

Unlimited Assistance and Support: From email correspondence to phone calls and even in-person meetings, you’ll receive all the necessary support and advice from our reliable accountants. We’re here to answer your questions and provide the necessary support throughout the process.

Ease of Transition: If you feel uneasy about changing accountants or how it will affect your business operations, entrust this process to us. We’ll reach out to your current accountant to gather all necessary information and ensure that accounting data is transferred smoothly and seamlessly.

Enhance Your Business: Our specialized accountants not only handle accounting entries but also provide tax recommendations and prepare other business documents. This will help your business become more efficient and successful.

Automatic Reminders: Don’t miss important deadlines or documents. Our system automatically sends reminders for all critical accounting document submission deadlines, so you never have to worry about missing a deadline.

Whether you’re an individual, small, or large business, we’re here to help. Entrust us with your accounting management, and we’ll ensure that your financial matters are handled with the highest precision and attention.

Start your journey to financial stability with BL Grāmatvedība!

“BL Grāmatvedība” Chief Accountant: Lāsma Barskovica, Ph.: +371 29211857

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