Are you aware of the game-changing Electronic Declaration System (EDS)? Here’s a glimpse into its functionality and the seamless process it offers for submitting tax declarations and applications to the State Revenue Service:

āœ… What is EDS?
The Electronic Declaration System (EDS) is a secure and convenient method for both legal entities and individuals to submit tax declarations, informative documents, and various applications to the State Revenue Service. Beyond document submission, EDS provides online services such as an electronic income tax book, information on public procurements, and various reports by SRS, ensuring a time-saving and free-of-cost experience with data security and accuracy.

āœ… How to Become an EDS User?

Via Authentication Options:

Internet bank, eID, e-signature can be used for seamless registration and authentication.
With Assigned SRS User Name and Password:

If options are not feasible, SRS can assign a username and password for EDS utilization.
āœ… User Registration Process:

Step 1 ā€“ Preparation of Documents:

Fill out the application on the State Revenue Service system user’s information.
Specify if the client is a legal person or an individual.
Designate a rights manager and EDS user.
Optionally, provide an IP address to limit EDS access.
Step 2 ā€“ Submission of Documents:

Prepared documents can be submitted at any SRS Client Service Centre conveniently located in your neighborhood.
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