Understanding Immovable Property Tax Basics

Immovable Property Tax is calculated based on the cadastral value as of January 1 of the taxation year or at the moment of registration. This tax applies to all types of immovable properties, including land and structures.

🌳 Special Considerations for Rural Land

For rural land exceeding 3 hectares located outside cities and designated for agriculture, forestry, or protected natural territories, a special value is determined for tax calculation until 2025. BL Gramatvediba ensures you grasp the unique considerations for your property in these categories.

📅 Notification and Tax Payment Timeline

Local governments play a crucial role in notifying taxpayers of their tax obligations, sending out notices by February 15. For unfarmed agricultural land, specific notices are dispatched by the same date. Timely awareness is key, and BL Gramatvediba is here to keep you informed.

💳 Flexible Payment Options

Property owners have flexibility in settling their Immovable Property Tax. Payments can be made quarterly, with deadlines falling on March 31, May 15, August 15, and November 15. Alternatively, property tax can be paid in advance once a year, providing convenience and financial planning opportunities.

📜 Navigating the Legal Landscape

BL Gramatvediba ensures that you not only understand the practical aspects of Immovable Property Tax but also navigate the legal landscape seamlessly. We keep you compliant with Section 3(3) and Section 1(6) of the law On Immovable Property Tax and Personal Income Tax, respectively.

🧑‍💼 Why BL Gramatvediba?

  1. Detailed Consultation: Our experts provide comprehensive insights into Immovable Property Tax, helping you make informed decisions.
  2. Timely Notifications: BL Gramatvediba ensures you receive timely notifications from local governments, eliminating the risk of oversights.
  3. Flexible Payment Planning: We assist in structuring your payments, whether quarterly or annually, aligning with your financial strategy.
  4. Legal Compliance: Trust BL Gramatvediba to keep you in compliance with the specific sections of the relevant tax laws.

⚖️ Conclusion: Simplify Property Tax with BL Gramatvediba

With BL Gramatvediba as your financial ally, navigating Immovable Property Tax becomes a seamless process. Contact us today for personalized assistance, and let’s embark on a journey of financial clarity and success together! 🏡💼📈

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