The State Revenue Service (SRS or VID) has introduced an innovative Taxpayer Rating System to assess companies’ fulfilment of tax obligations, and our accounting company, BL GramatvedÄ«ba, is here to guide you through this transformative process.

šŸ“Š Understanding the Taxpayer Rating System

The taxpayer rating is a comprehensive evaluation provided by the SRS, based on a company’s adherence to tax obligations. It’s a roadmap for improvement with color-coded indicators:

  • šŸŸ¢ Green: Perfect
  • šŸŸ” Yellow: Requires attention and improvement
  • šŸ”“ Red: Critical and needs urgent improvement

The ratings range from A to N, with A being the highest and N for newly-registered companies. BL Gramatvedība emphasizes the importance of maintaining a high rating for optimal business partnerships and financial stability.

šŸ¢ Which Companies Will Be Rated?

All entities, including foreign branches, farms, fisheries, and individual companies, submitting annual reports, will be subject to the taxpayer rating system. Our experts at BL Gramatvedība can guide you through the process, ensuring compliance and excellence in your financial endeavors.

šŸ“ˆ How Is the Taxpayer Rating Determined?

The SRS employs six indicators, covering aspects like registration data, timely submission of declarations, tax payments, penalties, wage assessment, and risk analyses. The ratings are revised every three months, offering a dynamic assessment of a company’s fiscal responsibility.

šŸ’¼ Benefits for A-Rated Companies

A-rated companies receive priority support and minimal control measures from the SRS, demonstrating their integrity. BL Gramatvedība highlights that these companies enjoy tax and customs benefits, simplifying relations with the state.

šŸ” What Information Is Publicly Available?

Interested parties can view a company’s overall taxpayer rating in the SRS database. However, more detailed information on rating indicators is confidential and accessible only to the company itself.

šŸ“š Compliance with Legal Requirements

This initiative is in line with the Law On Taxes and Fees, emphasizing transparency and promoting voluntary fulfillment of tax obligations. BL Gramatvedība ensures that our services adhere to legal requirements, providing expert assistance for companies navigating the complexities of tax compliance.

šŸ¤ Choose BL GramatvedÄ«ba for Your Financial Success

BL GramatvedÄ«ba is your trusted partner in navigating Latvia’s Taxpayer Rating System. Whether you’re a local or foreign company, our expert accountants are committed to ensuring your financial success through meticulous bookkeeping, tax planning, and compliance.

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