At BL Gramatvedība, we specialize in simplifying the complexities of international workforce compliance. This article provides a comprehensive guide to registering foreign employees in Latvia and the crucial steps involved in the process.

Key Steps for Registering Foreign Employees:

  1. Timely Registration: A foreign employee with an employer/foreign national is required to register with the State Revenue Service (SRS) within 10 days of obtaining status in the Republic of Latvia. This prompt registration ensures adherence to Latvian regulatory requirements.
  2. Document Submission: The registration process necessitates the submission of specific documents that provide detailed information about the employment arrangement. These documents include:
    • The name and registered address of the employer in the country of delegation.
    • The period for which the person is delegated to perform particular work in Latvia, specifying start and end dates (month and year).
    • Confirmation of subjection to the social insurance laws and regulations of the relevant country.
  3. Exclusion from the Register of Taxpayers: The State Revenue Service has provisions to exclude an employer/natural person, a domestic employee with an employer/foreign national, or a foreign employee with an employer/foreign national from the Register of Taxpayers. This exclusion is facilitated through a written application submitted by the relevant person, indicating their desire to be removed from the Register of Taxpayers as performers of mandatory contributions.

Assistance from BL Gramatvedība:

Navigating the intricacies of registering foreign employees can be daunting, but with BL Gramatvedība by your side, the process becomes seamless. Our team of experts is well-versed in international employment regulations and can guide you through each step, ensuring compliance with Latvian laws.

Case Study: A Smooth Registration Journey

Consider a scenario where a foreign employer is delegating an employee to work in Latvia. The employer, eager to comply with local regulations, engages BL Gramatvedība for assistance. Our experts work closely with the employer, facilitating the timely submission of all required documents to the SRS. The result is a smooth and efficient registration process that allows the employee to focus on their work with confidence, knowing that compliance is assured.

BL Gramatvedība stands as your reliable partner in navigating the intricacies of registering foreign employees in Latvia. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your business remains compliant with the ever-evolving global employment landscape.

Contact us today, and let BL Gramatvedība be the catalyst for your success in managing international employment in Latvia.

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